Synthroid Mcg

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Synthroid Mcg

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Endospores: Shape: spherical, ellipsoid, cylindrical. Position: central to excentric, terminal, subUrminal. STAINING CHARACTERISTICS Gram: Age: Method: Special stains: AGAR STROKE Age: Amount of growth: scanty, moderate, abundant. Torm: filiform, echinulate, beaded, spreading, rhizoid. Consistency: butyrous, viscid, membranous, brittle. Chromogenesis: ijluoresceni, iridescent, photogenic AGAR COLONIES Age: Form: punctiform, circular, filamentous, rhiloid, irregular. Elevation: effuse, fiat, raised, convex. Surface: smooth, contoured, radiate, concentric, rugose. Synthroid Mcg Margin: entire, undulate, erase, filamentous, curled. Density: opaque, translucent. NUTRIENT BROTH Surface growth: none. Subsurface growth: n Amount of growth: si Sediment: t Age . fing, pellicle, JloccuUnt, mernbrano one, turbid, granular. canty, moderate, abundant. ular. fioccuUnt, viscia. flaky. GELATIN STAB Age: Temp. C. Liquefactio n: none crateriform. infund bulifarm napiform. sac cote, strali/orm. Rate: slow. moderate, rapid.
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